Why is Prime Academy so famous for their  SUMMER SAT & AP CAMPS?

  1. Experienced and professional teachers who have been teaching their respective subjects for many years.
  2. 8 weeks of intensive testing and material to fully prepare students for every question they come across.
  3. Proven excellent curriculum.

Prime Summer SAT and ACT  are the most popular classes because of their proven results and the best instructors. They will start on June 19!

Please register as soon as possible for seats are limited! Registration is also possible through phone.

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Prime Academy Program Overview
Prime Camp 1
Prime College Bound 2
Prime High School 3
Prime Jr. High 4
Prime AP Test Prep 5
Prime SAT Subject Test Prep 6

Prime Camp is designed to raise your student’s score in both SAT and ACT tests during any break. The Prime Camp programs are offered during the Summer, Thanksgiving, and Winter season breaks. Both SAT and ACT camps are offered. Our Prime SAT Camp are taught only by teachers with years of experience teaching SAT. Our Prime ACT Camp is also taught by teachers with years experience teaching ACT. However, our ACT teachers specialize in the subject they teach, such as Science Reasoning.


Prime College Bound offers classes that prepare students for the academic year. These classes, given during the academic year, are designed to prepare students for college level academics such as SAT Critical Reading, SAT Writing, and AP Test Prep. For students who wish to have a more intensive and personal learning experience, one-on-one Tutoring is also offered.


Prime High School focuses on preparing students for the rigorous courses in high school and helping students maintain their good grades throughout the academic year. The classes offered are  SAT Book Club, Writing Clinic, Reading Comprehension, AP US History and AP Biology. For a more intensive and personal learning experience, one-on-one Tutoring is also offered.


Prime Jr. High focuses on creating good study habits and improving reading and writing skills at a young age. This program gives students the chance to get a head start on SAT as well. For a more personal and intensive learning experience, one-on-one Tutoring is offered.


Prime Academy’s AP Prep classes are dedicated to help students achieve their highest potential for the upcoming AP exams in May.  These classes are taught by only the most qualified teachers in each field of study.  In the course of twenty-four to thirty hours of our AP tutoring, these classes will review all of the topics covered cumulatively throughout the year to enhance the confidence of each student for their exams.

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The Prime SAT Subject Test Prep classes are for students who wish to reach their best subject test score. At the most selective schools, SAT Subject Tests can be just as important as the SAT or ACT. This makes preparing for and doing well on SAT Subject tests more important. Prime SAT Subject Test Prep for Chemistry, Biology, Math Level 2, US History and World History are given immediately after the SAT Summer Camp concludes. These classes continue until the November Collegeboard SAT Subject test. These and other SAT Subject Test Prep classes are offered in the spring in conjunction with the AP Test Prep.