2018 Spring Prime Academy: AP/SAT Subject, SAT/ACT, Dr. Han College Counseling Group

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2018 Prime AP & SAT Subject Test Prep Classes

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2016 AP/SAT Test Prep Class

2016 Eng SAT ACT UPP

Prime Summer 2016 Schedule (English)




2016 Krn SAT ACT UPP

Prime Summer 2016 Schedule (Korean)




2016 Chi SAT ACT UPP

Prime Summer 2016 Schedule (Chinese)


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Need College Counseling?

The path to college is often a very difficult journey with many questions that must be answered. Questions such as what classes to take, what schools to look for, or what career to pursue usually have answers you may least expect. Dr. Han’s College Counseling provides answers for these queries. Already having counseled dozens of students and guided many to the college they desired, Dr. Han is more than capable of providing students guidance and information about the pathway to college. With a student-first mentality and a relentless work attitude, Dr. Han is sure to find whatever answers you need and will dive into every book, forum, and website to find out which schools are the best fit. There are many things to consider when choosing colleges and, furthermore, which school to accept. College Counseling with Dr. Han, you or your child will make the best decision for their future.

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