SAT Subject Test Prep

Prime SAT Subject Test Prep

The Prime SAT Subject Test Prep classes are for students who wish to reach their best subject test score. At the most selective schools, SAT Subject Tests can be just as important as the SAT or ACT. This makes preparing for and doing well on SAT Subject tests more important. Prime SAT Subject Test Prep for Chemistry, Biology, Math Level 2, US History and World History are given immediately after the SAT Summer Camp concludes. These classes continue until the November Collegeboard SAT Subject test. These and other SAT Subject Test Prep classes are offered in the spring in conjunction with the AP Test Prep.

Prime SAT Subject Test Prep Programs
SAT Biology
SAT Chemistry
SAT Literature
  • Mr. Chadwick
  • Sat 2 – 4:30 pm (3/5 – 5/28)
  • May or June Test
  • We encourage Honor class students, 10 – 11th grades to take SAT Subject classes for high scores!
SAT Math Level 2C
  • Ms. Shin Kang, UC Berkley & Stanford Math MS
  • Ms. Kang has taught SAT Math Level 2 at an acclaimed SAT academy in Korea. With 6 years of expertise, she uses published problems to allow students hands-on experience with actual exams. She boasts a 90% outcome of perfect score students. Your child can achieve the score he or she needs to apply to technology schools as well as schools of science or business.
  • Sat 9:30 – 12 PM (3/5 – 5/28)
  • May or June Test
SAT Physics
SAT US History
SAT World History